Tuesday, August 16, 2022

A Test match without any bails on either stumps


Yesterday, the Fourth Ashes test between Australia versus England was started, but the Rain has interrupted the match and game was early stopped. But yesterday, the match was played without any bails on either stumps. This incident took place during the 32nd over of Australia’s inning, the wind was so strong, and umpires agree to play the match without any bails on either stumps.

Dispensing with bails from the laws of the game:-

“8.5 – The umpires may agree to dispense with the use of bails, if necessary. If they so agree, then no bails shall be used at either end. The use of bails shall be resumed as soon as conditions permit.”

“29.4 – If the umpires have agreed to dispense with bails in accordance with Law 8.5 (Dispensing with bails), it is for the umpire concerned to decide whether or not the wicket has been put down.”

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“29.4.1 – After a decision to play without bails, the wicket has been put down if the umpire concerned is satisfied that the wicket has been struck has been struck by the ball, by the striker’s bat, person or items of his/her clothing or equipment as described in, or, or by a fielder in the manner described in”

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“29.4.2 – IF the wicket has already has been broken or put down, 29.4.1 shall apply to any stump or stumps still in the ground. Any fielder may replace a stump or stumps, in accordance with 29.3, in order to have an opportunity of putting the wicket down.”


Australia – 170/3, at the end of day 1,

Again Steve Smith has scored his 8th fifty-plus score in the Ashes test. Marnus Labuschagne scored his fourth fifty-plus score.



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