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A user sends Virat Kohli 3 reminders as twitter goes ina frenzy


With the time, Virat has grown into a true gentle-man of game from an angry brash kid who debuted for India back in 2008. After taking over the captaincy from MS Dhoni, Virat has remoulded himself into a calm and focused version without affecting his passion for the game.

But Virat is still driven by his desire to excel in any situation and sometimes the anger – originated from missing out on something. He likes to stand in the face of opposition and often wears his heart on sleeve.

Several times in past, he had also landed in problem or had indulged in ugly spats like the ugly middle-finger spat with Australian crowd on India’s tour of Australia in December 2011.

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After the incident, Virat had to face heavy backlash on and off the field. Many cricket fans even trolled Virat on social media. It has to say, Virat still has to learn the art of handling trolls without any fuss.

Back in 2011, a twitter user trolled Virat Kohli for his ugly spat with Australian fans. Normally, cricketers do not respond to such tweets but Virat is different. Offended by the troll, Virat responded, “@ishaan3 your account has been reported and will be deactivated soon. Do not tweet if u wana use foul language”, to warn the user for using foul language.

However, the warning didn’t work out as the user took the challenge to remind Virat that he is still using twitter. Over the period of almost 10 years, the user has reminded Kohli three times of the incident.

With the latest reminder coming on this Sunday, in no time the reminding tweets became a troll material for the fans. Surely Virat, this time, seems to be un-fuzzed to the scenario but the twitter has gone crazy for all the reminders.



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