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Aakash Chopra suggests that 5 players to be retained by Delhi Capitals for the upcoming edition of IPL2021


As Delhi Capitals are the team who had made her pure and prominent comeback in last 2years. They had built a team which have match winning players. Delhi Capitals were the runner ups in the recent edition of IPL2020. As BCCI is planning to add one more addition to the IPL and making it league competition of 9 teams thus if this happens then absolutely there will be a mega auction before the commencement of IPL 2021.

Mega auction will definitely lead all the team to lose some of their star players which will definitely cost the team. The former Indian opener and cricket analyst suggests Delhi capitals to retain some of their players for the coming edition just to maintain the team strong for the competitive purpose. He also states that deep inside Delhi definitely don’t want any auction to be there thus this will eventually hollow up the team line up by losing some of their match winning players.

Ahead of IPL2021, Aakash Chopra reckons that Delhi should retain five players for the next tournament that is like 3 players should be Indian players while the remaining 2 should be the overseas players. By retaining these players, Delhi could built a new energised team for the next league of IPL 2021. These players have the best combination of experience and could lead to make up a competent squad.

“The Delhi Capitals success shows the acquisition of good players is half the job done. Here the story is that everything is good and if you break anything it will be wrong only, it cannot be good,” Aakash Chopra quoted on his YouTube channel.

“But that’s the story of this team, it was a young team three years ago but is now an experienced team after three years. When you shake up an experienced team, somewhere or the other things will become less,” stated by Aakash Chopra.

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On the discussion over those 5 players who should be retained, Chopra feels that Delhi should go with 3 Indian players and 2 overseas players respectively. The three Indians players are Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant. These three players have the ability to launch up good knock and can maintain team in any situation. Dhawan had 2 IPL centuries knock in this year whereas Iyer had also played good and exceptional cricket this year with good captaincy also. Rishabh pant hadn’t the season that he used to be remembered thus he failed to make a mark.

“If they have to retain 5 players, 3 Indians and 2 overseas, they don’t have an uncapped player whom they will think of retaining. I would say Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant as the three Indians although Rishabh Pant didn’t have a good year but I will definitely retain him and I  am pretty much sure that Delhi Capitals will also do that,” quoted by Aakash Chopra.

Talking about the 2 overseas players Chopra reveals they should be Rabada and Stoinis as these players had delivered the performance exceptionally in this edition. Stionis had been very much crucial for the team both with bat and ball while Rabada as always brilliant. He was the leading

Wicket taker of this season and was awarded as the Purple cap holder of IPL 2020. Chopra was bit confused on Stionis and Anrich Nortje but he feels that Nortje can be obtained through RTM choice.

If things could go like this then Delhi can make their team prepared for the next edition with phenomenal approach.



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