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Actor Siddharth lashes out Sanjay Manjrekar for crass commentary


Earlier, Commentator Sanjay Manjrekar said that he wouldn’t like ‘bits and pieces’ players like Jadeja. After that, Twitterati started to troll him on social media. Thereafter, Ravindra Jadeja also included in India’s playing XI for the Sri Lanka match and Manjrekar Changed his View about Jadeja and Said, “I always want Jadeja in the playing XI.” Sanjay Manjrekar picked his Team India’s XI for the semi-final and Included Jadeja in the XI. After that, Michael Vaughan trolled him and said, “You include ‘bits and pieces’ player in your XI.”

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Now Actor Siddharth lashes out Sanjay Manjrekar for his tweet and says, “Stop babysitting an idiot.” Actor Siddharth writes on his twitter account, “Harsha Bhogle is my favorite Indian commentator. No cricketer can ever use his never having played international cricket against him. So the Jaddu issue is not about ego. It’s about terrible, partisan and crass commentary which so many have called out. Stop babysitting an idiot. A Lesson for India’s Superstar Cricketers: Commentators Are Not Cheerleaders | Parth Pandya on @imjadeja’s crass attack on @sanjaymanjrekar.”

Here the tweet of Actor Siddharth

Virat Kohli about five bowler plan:

“Quite possible, We played with five bowlers because it gives us depth in batting. We’re up to reviewing it. Otherwise, you just told I got Kane out! I am quite lethal, provided I don’t slip on the field.”

Virat Kohli about batting second in the world cup 2019,

“It comes back to handling the pressure. If you make two bad decisions while chasing, the game is gone too far away. The pressure can be very high if you can’t go with the pace of the game.”

“We’re not worried about the toss. We have to be prepared both ways and open to do that. We can’t say if we lose the toss there’s no hope. It’s a stat which I think is connected to pressure and not the pitch.”



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