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Ajinkya Rahane hit back over the statement given by Dale Steyn regarding IPL Tournament


In the midst of all the discussion about the India versus England arrangement, Dale Steyn’s remarks and correlation between the Pakistan Super League and the Indian Premier League has made very some debate and has been the focal point of cricket conversations via online media.

“I think when you go to IPL, there are such big squads and so many big names and so much emphasis on maybe the amount of money players earn and everything like that, so sometimes, somewhere down the line, cricket gets forgotten,”  quoted by Dale Steyn.

“When you come to like a PSL or the Sri Lankan Premier League, for that matter, there is an importance on the cricket. I have only been here for a couple of days and I have had people in and out of my room, just wanting to know about where I have played and how I went about it,” 

“Whereas, when I go to something like the IPL that gets forgotten and the main topic is how much money did you go for in this IPL? That’s just me being brutally honest. I wanted to stay away from that and really put more emphasis on playing and bringing good vibes to good cricket teams and tournaments I feel are worth it,” added by Dale Steyn.

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Ajinkya Rahane tended to columnists in a virtual public interview today and talked about the possibility of meeting all requirements for the last of the World Test Championship (WTC) with respect to the India versus England arrangement. On first being inquired as to whether the WTC resembled the World Cup.

“Absolutely, Ishant was spot on in what he said the same thing. Winning the WTC is equal to winning the World Cup. We are all focusing on that, having said that, the focus right now is to play the fourth Test against England. Ishant was completely right.”

“See, I am here to talk about the fourth Test match and not here to talk about PSL or Sri Lanka Premier League. IPL gave us that platform to express ourselves and also to a lot of Indians players. I am not sure what Dale Steyn has said, I am here to talk about this Test match.” Quoted by Rahane when asked upon Steyn’s statement.



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