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Aleem Dar seen in a joyful reaction after having correct umpiring decision even after having DRS call by the team


The match was between the Karachi Knights and Islamabad United. That is the place where this clever episode occurred. Online Media couldn’t resist the opportunity to discuss it. It was only enjoyable to look as umpire festivities are uncommon to see.

For what reason should only the players have a good time? The umpires will in general get in on the fun on occasion as well. The cricket fans will recall any semblance of Billy Bowden and co. who were known for their on-field jokes? This time it is umpire Aleem Dar who is in on the activity. He was making some extraordinary memories in a game in the PSL as of late.

The game between the Karachi Kings and Islamabad United went to the last finished. At last, it was the last that dominated the game. They did as such with five wickets close by and five conveyances left to save. It was the primary annihilation of the period for the reigning champs.

Nonetheless, in the last over of the game, Aleem Dar pronounced Asif Ali not out for a LBW bid. The choice was checked on and the possible choice was in the umpire’s kindness. So, the game was finished and Dar was seen praising his right call.

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The fans online recommended that Aleem Dar was deriding the Karachi Kings’ players. It was only entertaining to watch. It was great to see an umpire get the correct choice. The Karachi Kings’ players were more urgent than cheerful. They needed to check whether they could hang on and push the game much further. That way they might have potentially attempted to get something out of the game. In any case, that was not the situation.

Umpire Aleem Dar hit the nail on the head and the third umpire affirmed the equivalent. The game was finished and Islamabad United had won. In spite of that, the response was simply too clever to even think about watching. The players were celebrating as was the umpire. Web-based Media really wanted to discuss it. Great exposure for the Pakistan Super League (PSL) however.



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