Monday, September 26, 2022

“Arise Sir Jofra” Biggest cheer for Jofra Archer


The third Ashes test is going between England Versus Australia. England have lost the first Ashes test while the second Ashes test was ended with a draw and in the third ashes test, England was in not control and maybe lost the test. But Jofra Archer, who has not played too many international matches, already becomes a superstar for England. People already chanted for Jofra archer and the chants of “Arise Sir Jofra.”

During the second day of the third Ashes Test, when England team was fielding, can be seen walking away with inflatable watermelon, but Archer comes in to save the day and returns the watermelon back to the crowd, and it is then, the chants of “Arise Sir Jofra” are heard.

Here the Video of “Arise Sir Jofra” chants

Former England captain Michael Vaughan about England’s poor performance in the test.

“There is no way the planning has gone in for this series like it did for the World Cup. England are not prepared for this series. It has all been about winning the World Cup. It has been haphazard. Last year they had two spinners, neither of whom are playing now,” said Vaughan.

“The opening partnership is new; Root has moved around. It’s almost been, ‘oh right; we’re playing a Test series, who are we picking? It’s so predictable from England. At 10-2 you know what’s going to happen. They are going to have a dash. It’s just not good enough. This has happened too many times. It’s the pressure card – they just can’t cope with it. We’ve got to keep working with these players because these are the best players we have,” he told TMS.

“We can look at our domestic game and what we have out there, and there aren’t heaps coming through at the moment. We were found wanting today. Our guys don’t want to make excuses, and I won’t make excuses for them. Test cricket is hard, and if you don’t mentally get it right, you don’t make good shot selections, and you’re back in the hutch quickly,” he added.



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