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Asia Cup 2020 in danger of getting cancelled amid COVID-19 threat


In a last month and so, the COVID-19 virus has created havoc in the world. The virus has infected 198 countries till now, infecting over 7 lakh people and consuming around 37,000 lives in this duration.

To combat the ever worsening situation, the Governments world over have also locked down their respective countries till the situation improves significantly. People have been forced to go in self quarantine mode to maintain social distancing and break the chain of CORONA virus.

Sports events the world over have taken a drubbing over the last few weeks. The Virus has also cancelled all the cricket action for now. Even the FTP’s are in the danger of getting cancelled now. According to the latest report, BCCI and ACC (Asian Cricket Council) now fretting over cancelling the upcoming Asia Cup in 2020 also.

According a BCCI official, the COVID-19 situation has more or less cancelled the upcoming Asia Cup. Speaking in an interview with Times of India, the official said, “Though it doesn’t seem right to be talking about cricket schedules as of now, we can safely assume that the Asia Cup isn’t a possibility. The extent of the impact of the COVID-19 is unknown as of now. The job losses across sectors and the impact on the economy are also unknown.

“The sports organisation are also hit deeply and there will be some tough measures once some semblance of normalcy returns. There are liabilities and difficulties that the Board faces and it will be a new kind of a challenge to deal with them,” he further added.

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Earlier, a PCB official had also confirmed the uncertainty about the Asia Cup 2020. “We cannot throw light on when the next Asian Cricket Council meeting will take place and on decisions around the Asia Cup and its fate,” a PCB official had told the media earlier.

The Asia Cup is a Biennial affair that is hosted by Asian Cricket Council. All the participant members of ACC participate in the prestigious tournament. The format of the tournament depends upon the next scheduled ICC event. In 2016, the tournament was played in T20 format while in 2018 it was played in ODI format.



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