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Asia Cup might gets postponed if India qualifies for the ICC Test Championship Finals said by Ehsan Mani


Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) administrator Ehsan Mani on Sunday affirmed that the Asia Cup scheduled to be held in June this year is probably going to be deferred if India figures out how to meet all requirements for the finals of the World Test Championship.

“Asia Cup was set to go last year but it got postponed to this year. Right now, it looks like Asia Cup won’t be going ahead this year as the WTC finals are set to go ahead in June. Sri Lanka had said that they would try to host the tournament in June,” Mani told reporters in Karachi during a press conference.  Quoted by Ehsan Mani.

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PCB CEO Wasim Khan also stated that the way Men In Blue are playing the red ball cricket is tremendous and it will make them to qualify for the finals thus making Asia Cup further more delay.

“It looks like India has reached the finals and they will clash against New Zealand. This is why the Asia Cup set to be played in Sri Lanka won’t go ahead. We are waiting for confirmation but if it does not go ahead, we are planning for the future,”  quoted by Wasim Khan.

Mani additionally said that the PCB has sent a letter routed to the International Cricket Council (ICC) to get insights concerning the issuance of visas from India for the T20 World Cup, scheduled to be held later in the year.

“India is set to host T20 World Cup in October-November this year. I have told the board that we want written confirmation from India that our fans, journalists, and players will get visas. I have a meeting with ICC and I will raise this point once again,”

“The ICC has said that the assurance will come by March. If we do not get the assurance, then the tournament needs to be moved. We have a visa problem, Covid-19 situation also needs to be looked at. The ICC has made a contingency plan that if T20 World Cup cannot be played in India, then it will go ahead in the UAE,”

“The ICC management has said that the decision needs to be finalised by March 31,” concluded by Mani.



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