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Babar Azam accused by woman of foul play; Is he in trouble?


Babar Azam, the new rising star who had been the most consistent player in the world now, whether it is ODIs, T20Is or Test cricket. He is considered as the best batsman in the world from last few years. He is well known for his epitome consistency which he carries. He also been appointed as the skipper of Pakistan National Cricket Team in all the formats few days ago. With all fame and consistency towards his game, now he got upto into a controversial issue of being accused for sexual abuse and violence by woman from Pakistan. The woman had hosted a conference in which made an discussion on the sexual abuse and violence she got by this fame. She also alleged him for fraud case for false marriage.

Controversial statement given by the woman

The lady (anonymous as of now) stated that they both were classmates in 2010. She quoted

“Babar promised to elope and marry with me. He went back on his word and later threatened to kill me. Back in 2010, he was playing his U-19 World Cup, he promised to marry me. After he became a successful cricketer, Babar Azam totally abandoned me.”

She also stated that “In 2011, Babar and I eloped and had promised me of marriage, kept me at renter places. During that time, I kept asking him about our wedding. But he kept saying, ‘We are not in a position to. With time, we will do it.”

In 2010, Babar Azam was just 16 years of old and participated in his first U-19 World Cup which was held back in New Zealand in 2010.

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The lady quoted “He promised to marry me. I became pregnant with his child, so he beat me up, threatened to kill me, and exploited me. No woman should ever have to go through what I did. I demand justice”.

With this kind of allegations Babar Azam definitely gets into a loophole. He definitely have to face many legal consequences which is defined by this anonymous woman.

PCB and Babar Azam didn’t reply to the given allegation

Till the given statement of allegations Pakistan Cricket Board and Babar Azam didn’t gave any clarification for the given accusations. PCB will definitely go for a legal action as he is current best batsman in all format for Pakistan and if gets affected then it will definitely ruin the morale and the upstream of Pakistan Team.

From last 3-5 years he had arose himself very well and piled up of 2045 runs in just 29 test matches with having five tons in his name. He also surprised everyone with his ODI record of 3589runs with 12 tons and 16 half centuries. He even scored 1681 runs in T20I with 16 half centuries in his name.

Babar Azam is presently in New Zealand for their upcoming match of three T20Is matches and two Tests respectively. They are even in controversy due to being tested positive of COVID. There total of 7 players had been tested positive from 53 members.

New Zealand management had given them a last warning to Pakistan Cricket Board for disrupting the Bio-Bubble protocols.



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