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BCCI bashes PCB CEO for Visa Assurance comments; advises him to peek into his knees first


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has bashed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) over the ‘visa assurance’ comments from Wasim Khan, the PCB CEO. Wasim Khan, in an interview on a YouTube Channel ‘Cricket Baaz’ has commented that the PCB is looking forward to visiting India for upcoming World T20 2021 and World Cup 2023 provided there are no Visa delays by the Indian Government.

“We are also looking at the fact that the ICC World Cups are to be hosted in India in 2021 and 2023 and we have already asked the ICC to give us written assurances from BCCI that we will not face any problems getting visas and clearance to play in India,” he said.

He also gave the reference of previous instances when Pakistan squads for different sports were not given clearance by the Indian government for the security reasons and not so well cross border relations.

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“That is why we have asked for the advance assurances. But eventually it is an ICC event and it is their responsibility to ensure we as a full member and signatory of the participants agreement go and play in these ICC events,” he added.

Due to the increased political tension between the two nations, we don’t often see any bilateral series being played between them. India and Pakistan haven’t played a full-series since 2007. These teams either meet at World Cups or at multi-nation tournaments. The security and terrorism are at the forefront of all these things and this is why we don’t see Pakistan players in IPL.

This time also after hearing such comments from the PCB CEO, a BCCI official has taken him to the task. While advising him to peek into his knees, the official has asked the PCB to give no terror attack guarantee in written to get the Visas without hold. He also said that ICC rules clearly mention that neither Government can interfere in the running of the game nor a Board can interfere in the government procedures.

“Can the PCB give an assurance in writing that the Pakistan government would ensure that no illegal incursions into India takes place from the Pakistani side or that there’s no violation of the cease-fire or that no act of terror takes place on Indian soil originating in Pakistan or that no repeat of Pulwama type incident takes place?,” said the BCCI official.

“The ICC mandates that there should be no interference of governments in the administration of the game and the corollary would be that a sports board doesn’t attempt to interfere with how a government functions. It’s time the PCB realises that and stops acting like an agent for an individual in the ICC who is known to work against the interest of India. All I would say is that India is a wonderful country and acts in the most balanced way,” the official added.



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