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BCCI would be in race to maintain the first prior for T20 World Cup while UK has been the top contender for conducting remainder of IPL-2021


The BCCI is “resolved to host”the T20 World Cup planned for October-November, in India. That is the manner by which the cricket board will situate itself when it meets at the Special General Body Meeting (SGM) assembled on 29th May.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), considered the most helpful objective if the World Cup must be moved at a later stage, will keep on leftover ‘Choice B’.

Notwithstanding, the BCCI will “cross that connect” just July onwards, contingent upon the Covid circumstance in the country.

“Right now, India is the host venue for the T20 World Cup. That’s how the Board is seeing it. If things go awry again, then a call will be taken only after the month of June. And yes, UAE is the second option,” quoted by Source.

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According to TOI, The SGM will likewise examine the rescheduling of the Indian Premier League’s (IPL) staying 31 matches. The United Kingdom, where the Indian group will be based out of, to play the Test arrangement against England, has stayed the top-decision.

The English areas have consented to the facilitating of the IPL, with support of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and TOI comprehends that telecasters Star also are agreeable to the turn of events.

“UK is a relatively costlier destination. But on the flip-side, the UK government is allowing crowds for sports events. That means, franchises can earn from gate money and that will subsidise costs. As of now, this is how the BCCI is seeing it”, reports suggests.

“Only if costs are escalating to a point where it starts affecting stakeholders, the BCCI will consider the UAE as the second option for the IPL. On that front, we aren’t even discounting the idea of hosting the IPL in Sri Lanka,” added by the Source whom representing the island country “a friendly cricketing nation”.

“BCCI and the ECB are in discussions to tweak the five-Test series. Details of those discussions aren’t public yet. But in whichever manner the ECB agrees to tweak the Test series, they will want the IPL in England because the counties can earn from it. There’ll be a good chance of a quid pro quo”. Discussion carried out in the conduction region for remainder of IPL-2021.

The BCCI has unfalteringly would not acknowledge moving the World Cup outside of India, regardless of whether it implies facilitating the whole competition just in a couple of urban communities (Mumbai and Pune) and likely Ahmedabad as a setting for the last.

With regards to the IPL, all partners are persuaded that fruition of the competition – one that was halted directly toward the beginning of this current month after 29 matches were played – is of essential significance.

“So, everything will move in that direction. The IPL has to be completed and there is no doubt about it,”concluded by Source.



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