Monday, September 26, 2022

Ben Stokes hit a six by the switch hit


England won the third ashes test by one wicket in a thrilling way. Ben Stoked and Jack Leach added 76 runs for the last wicket and won the match for England. Ben Stokes plays one of the great innings of his test cricket. He scored unbeaten 135 runs in 219 balls with the help of 11 fours and eight sixes.

During this Innings, ben Stokes played a switch hit on Nathan Lyon’s bowls, and the bowl went for six. The crowd was stunt after this shot. Ben Stokes awarded with the player of the match award.

After winning the player of the match award, ben stokes said, “I just twanged my glute, was all right, just heavy-legged. Adrenaline keeps you going, never until it’s over, that’s what I kept on thinking. The challenges you face at the highest level, there’s nothing better than being there at the end. Today has been incredible, still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. If it was going to take all day to get the runs, I was prepared to do that. When Leachy came in, I knew we had to go. They might be the most crucial balls he faces in his career, and for him to stand there and do that was amazing. [Celebration at the end] It was the best kiss I’ve ever had!”

Here the Video

England captain Joe Root about Ben Stokes innings, “Said we have to believe while there are two people alive and breathing out there. Witnessed some freakish things out there this summer, didn’t think it would be quite same again… Incredible atmosphere just pleased to be standing here and enjoying the moment. That was just incredible; trying to sum it up in words is impossible. Outrageous, He’s got history and all that in the bank, but to stay as calm and composed in the moment as he did show a great amount of courage and belief in his ability. Ben deserves all the plaudits he is given.”



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