Thursday, October 6, 2022

Bhuvneshwar Kumar out for 2-3 matches due to Injury


Yesterday, India won the match against Pakistan. Team India will play against Afghanistan in their next game of world cup 2019 on June 22. During India versus Pakistan match, Bhuvneshwar Kumar injured during the bowling.

In his third over, He feels hamstring and out from the bowling after that he could not bowl. Now Bhuvneshwar Kumar out of 2-3 matches with hamstring injuries. He can play a vital role in India’s win. Bhuvi will return before the match against England on June 30.

In the post-match presentation, Virat Kohli said,

“Bhuvi’s case looks like a niggle, a case of slipping on the footmarks. It doesn’t look too serious at the moment and looks like he could recover in a couple of games from now, maximum of three games. He is going to be an important factor for us, so hopefully, he can recover in time. But we have Shami with us and it shouldn’t be much of a worry for us. Even Bhuvi doesn’t think his niggle is too bad and that time would heal it.”

But India has a good backup fast bowling option. Mohammed Shami will be the right replacement for Bhuvenahwar Kumar. Mohammed Shami won the player of the series award this year during India versus New Zealand series. Viajy Shankar also bowls some overs. In yesterday’s match, Viajy Shankar took the first wicket of Pakistan.

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Jasprit Bumrah is leading the bowling attack. In the middle over, Kuldeep Yadav and Yuxvendra Chahal take wickets. Also, Hardik Pandya plays a vital role in both batting and bowling and even in fielding. For India, Kedar Jadhav also bowls some overs in the middle over. He takes wickets many times.  So India will be hoping that Bhuvneshwar Kumar will fit as early as possible.



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