Saturday, September 24, 2022

Bold Decision took by Wriddhiman Saha ahead domestic tournament 


A day subsequent to being ‘censured’ by Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) boss Avishek Dalmiya, Wriddhiman Saha has made an exit from the Whatsapp group made for the Bengal Ranji Squad which successfully shows the distinction in his relationship with the state affiliation has reached. 

Everything started when India lead trainer Rahul Dravid recommended Saha quit his Test cricket. The mentor had let him know that the selectors are anticipating prepping Rishabh Pant and not the 37-year-old for what’s in store.

Following this visit, Wriddhman Saha had excused any chance of him highlighting in the Bengal crew which had irritated one of authorities Debabrata Das had pommeled the cricketer.

“Tell me, why should Wriddhi [Saha] not play in the Ranji Trophy for Bengal?. He is not in the Indian team, why should he not play for Bengal? Then we have to assume that he feels no responsibility towards Bengal. In the past, too, there have been many occasions when he has refused to play for Bengal. When we have spoken to him, he has given all sorts of excuses and skipped games. Sometimes it’s body ache, sometimes he has a pain in his leg.”stated by Saha in the quotes wrote in Sangbad Pratidin on 22nd February.

“The Cricket Association of Bengal wanted Wriddhiman Saha to play for Bengal at this crucial juncture especially when Bengal would be fighting in the Knockout stage in a bid to win the Ranji Trophy after becoming the top-ranked team in the country at the end of the Group Stage.”  Said by Dalmiya.

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It appears, Wriddhiman Saha didn’t mess with it and chose to leave the gathering subsequent to being ‘harmed’. The CAB secretary had explained that his proclamations were not said to by and by hurt him yet without much of any result. Saha’s significant other Romi, said ‘he was wounded’ by these articulations.

“What to do? If he is that stubborn, we have to give him. But nobody should try to arm-twist the state association, as it is bigger than any individual.”said by CAB as in the reports quoted by Indian Express.

At this point, the matter has raised to the level that CAB is intending to give a NOC (No Objection Certificate) to Wriddhiman Saha so he can seek after his profession somewhere else.




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