Monday, December 5, 2022

Bold Statement by BCB


After coming so close to victory in the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup 2022, Bangladesh lost heartbreakingly to India, and two incidents of disputed umpiring were discovered after the game. The high-intensity game was officiated by Chris Brown and Marais Erasmus. Notably, Bangladesh were cruising toward their goal before the rain break changed their momentum.

After the game resumed and Bangladesh lost the run-chase following that, Litton Das, who was on fire, was run out. Kohli was observed performing a fake throw in the seventh over prior to Das’ run-out, which caught the attention of vice-captain Nurul Hasan. India was not penalised because Kohli’s throw was not noticed by the on-field umpires.

Another incident occurred when captain Shakib Al Hasan requested extra time from the umpires to dry the wet outfield; however, the officials of the match determined that the situation was satisfactory enough to resume play.

Notably, Das immediately after the game was resumed and he was going for the second run, Das slipped once while running. On that point, BCB weren’t happy with the umpiring. 

Cricbuzz sources claim that Bangladesh Cricket Board cricket operation chairman Jalal Yunus has spoken out about the incidents and made it abundantly clear that he intends to bring the matter to a proper forum.

“We have spoken about it. You have seen it in the TV and everything happened in front of you. There was one regarding fake throw and we have notified the umpires about the fake throw but he said he did not notice it and that is the reason he did not take the review. Shakib discussed a lot about it with Erasmus and even spoke with him after game,” stated by Jalal Yunus as said by Hindustan Times.

“Secondly, Shakib had spoken about the wet field and he asked that he can take some more time and let the field get dried and start the game after the field is dried. But… the umpires’ decision is final and that is reason there was no place for argument. There was only one decision whether you will play or not play.”

“We have it in our head so that we can raise the issue in the proper forum,”



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