Monday, September 26, 2022

Brad Hogg picks his best captain in IPL 2019


Brad Hogg is not an unknown name in cricketing world. He was one of the key player in Austrailan Cricket golden era of early 2000s. His love for cricket can be understood by the fact that he made his comeback in Autralian team after crossing the age of 40.

Brad Hogg has been following IPL 2019 very closely. In conversations with his followers on twitter he said many things about IPL 2019. But main important among them was what he said about Shreyas Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane.

According to Brad Hogg, Shreyas Iyer is the best captain of IPL 2019. He said “Shreyas Iyer, there is no doubt about that. Delhi Capitals have been nowhere throughout the whole IPL in the previous editions. In this year they are at the top because a young man has taken the responsibility with both bat and leadership out in the field. He is making the right decisions with his bowlers, has led from the front and has taken ownership of that job.”

 DC is currently at 3rd position in points table with 14 points. They require only one win now to confirm their positions in play-offs. DC has played 11 matches so far in IPL 2019 and has won 7 matches out of them.

The other important thing which Brad Hogg said was about Ajinkya Rahane. As per him, it was not right decision to remove Ajinkya Rahane from captaincy and this decision was a bit disrespectful towards him. He said “I do not think Rajasthan Royals have made a right move down there. Even though Steve Smith had a win in his first game as captain, I don’t like the way they treated Rahane. While Rahane was the captain, there was so much arm-waving from other players within that line-up. When he was trying to talk to his bowlers, other players were coming in. A captain is your captain; he is the who makes decisions, no one else. I think it was a tough decision on Rahane, and it showed a little bit of disrespect for young Rahane.”



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