Brian Lara chooses best five batsmen of this generation

Brian Lara chooses best five batsmen of this generation

Brian Lara chooses best five batsmen of this generation (Pic Source : Twitter)

West Indies legend, Brian Lara chooses five batsmen who has been incredible in this generation whom intent and ability made them to the best among all. He chooses the fab-4 that is Virat Kohli, Steven Smith, Kane Williamson and Joe Root. With them he had also chosen Ab de Villiers in his list. Brian Lara is considered as the legend of his generation, the way he batted the way he carried his team is just commendable and he had shown there is only Brain Lara in the cricketing world. Each and every youngsters admires him as he always keep the chin up and carry every momentum that a player always needed. So the player like him when choses best players from this generation then it is always been appreciable.

Players like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Steven Smith had been emerged as best players in all the three formats, even there records speaks more than their name. Their records represents utmost level of class and dedication they carried for this long time. The stats of Virat Kohli is appreciable as he reached 12000 runs in his ODI career playing against Australia. In Test matches he had registered 7240 runs yet. With this type of records, it easily demonstrated that what kind of player he has been, kinda legend!! Same like that New Zealand skipper Kane Williamson has also been greatest among them.

His presence in the T20 cricket is still in a doubt due to his batting style. Talking about the most unorthodox batsman present in the cricketing sport is none other than Steven Smith. The way he bats is just a level of uniqueness, no one could play the way he plays. His way of technique had even shown success in all the formats of the game. These players are considered as the gem of their respective countries and even fans are also amazed about them the way they carried their national side is always been appreciative.

Best five batsmen of this generation said by Brain Lara

England player Joe root have been very amazing in the red ball cricket even his ODIs record is also excellent while his place in the T20Is is not in a good position due to the batting style. It is also notable that England Cricket Board always try to localise a kind of different strategies in each and every formats that is the reason behind of player pools aren’t the same yet carried out but it is good to say through this approach they could produce better players for the adequate format and now each and every country is following the same approach. When we speak about the fifth player in the list of best batsmen that will be South African batsman AB de Villiers. He has current retired from the international cricket of all the formats but he is still available in the T20 global franchise leagues.

The kind of batting he does made him with a tag of Mr.360 degrees. He can keep any kind of shot to every stance. There is no place in the stands where ball don’t reach when AB de Villiers bats. When he reaches to his zone of batting he ensures the team also that win is just a word for him, even in the death overs bowlers used to scare for bowling him as he can give goosebumps moment for any of the opponents. He could easily played more international cricket but his sudden retirement even shocked the fans and the cricketing world. With his unexpected exit from the cricket made his fan way more disappointed.

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What makes few fans of cricket not happy ?

According to few fans, the list made by Brain Lara doesn’t seem to be accurate as the fans sees Rohit Sharma also there in the list. From last few years the way Rohit has played there is no one could be. He holds the only record of smashing three double centuries in the ODIs format where the batsman aims to score a debut double century this guy amazed everyone with his records. He has been excellent in the white ball cricket and can be considered as the best among all in the white ball cricket. Even like Rohit Sharma, Pakistan skipper Babar Azam is also truly best in this present generation.

Even fans are also disappointed after not seeing his name in the list of the best. From last few years, he has been consistently performing better and best for the team and still his stats are unnoticed. In all the formats he had amazed every one with his average. The intent he carries while batting is also appreciable. With his stunning performance in all the formats in the recent time he was also named as the all time captain of Pakistan camp in all the formats. But it is not possible to keep all the players in the list of five but it can be said that in the coming years these players will definitely ensure and surpass everyone with this phenomenal talent and skills.

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