Monday, December 5, 2022

Can India play against Pakistan or Not?


After 2013, India never plays a bilateral series against Pakistan. Both the teams play against each other in ICC tournaments only. Recently, India and Pakistan played against each other In world Cup 2019 where India won the match.

“Now, India was slated to play Pakistan on June 16… There was a rhetoric built up over here that India should refuse to play with Pakistan. People were saying it, the media was reporting it. The media was not cooking it up. The media reports, picks up news from the ground,” BCCI COA chief Vinod Rai told Indian Express.

I don’t think it’s only the captain’s responsibility: CoA chief Vinod Rai

“If we don’t play Pakistan (in the World Cup), we lose one point, two points, and that doesn’t matter. But suppose Pakistan comes up in the semi-final and we withdraw. Isn’t that shooting yourself in the foot? We would be closing avenues for ourselves. Which, I thought, was an incorrect move. So I said, rather than shooting ourselves in the foot, let’s isolate them,” he further added.

Vinod Rai reveals the condition where India and Pakistan will play against each other in a bilateral series in future.

“On playing Pakistan, I think there is a government policy…that you can play on neutral territory, and not on each other’s… We are very clear in our minds that on neutral territory we will play any country.” Rai informed.

After that PCB chief Ehsan Mani reacts on this.

“If India wants to play against us, they should come and talk. I will not run after them to play a series against us,” Mani said. The PCB chairman was hopeful that the series against Sri Lanka would draw massive crowds, which would in turn help motivate the Pakistan cricket team.” Our players perform outside Pakistan, and there are no crowds to cheer for them. The seats are empty, which damages the players’ motivation. I hope the scheduled series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka brings in many fans into the stadium. I hope they support both teams,” he said.



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