Friday, August 19, 2022

Clueless South African Fielders Fail to Search the Ball


Currently, the first test between India versus South Africa is in progress. India have batted first and score 502 runs in the first Inning while at the end of day two, South Africa lost their first three-wicket on just 34 runs in the first inning. During the second day, South African fielders failed to search the ball.

During the 129th over of India’s inning, the ball went towards the boundary, and South African fielders started to search the ball. They thought the ball cross the boundary rope. However, after some time the cameraman zoomed in to search the ball which was stuck between the boundary ropes.

Here the Video

Mayank Agarwal has scored a brilliant double century

“I am extremely happy that I was able to contribute to the team. Being part of a side that is winning matches and tournaments is a privilege, and I am happy to be part of the squad. Having crossed the milestone of 100, eased my nerves and being out there for a long time in the middle gave me confidence,” Agarwal told reporters.

“I was determined to put away the loose balls. You cannot think about what will happen if you don’t score runs; you just have to be clear in your thought process. As an opening batsman, you have to set the tone for your team,” he added.

“You have to make little adjustments when you play in different conditions. For me, long-distance running has helped me. When I was training, I made sure that I bat five-to-six hours. Preparing for long hours has helped me in improving my game,” Agarwal said.

“Definitely we are very happy with the way we have played in the first two days. But there is no room for complacency since we have the upper hand, we will keep the pressure going, and we will be relentless,” Agarwal said.

“It was good that we were able to manipulate the field. We just tried to find more ways of scoring the maximum runs. For him, to get such a big score is tremendous. We all really enjoyed the way he played and paced his innings. It was great playing alongside him. Getting a 300-run partnership feels great,” Agarwal said.



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