Sunday, September 25, 2022

Controversial Statement liked by Sanjana Ganesan


Rohit Sharma, The 33-year-old Indian opener has been appointed as the skipper of the national side across all formats of the game. He is currently perhaps the most persuasive figure in Indian cricket right now. While, Virat Kohli, The 32-year-old player was the Indian captain before the Mumbaikar. He holds critical achievements and has broken a few records in world cricket. The right-hander is viewed as the best batsman of this age.

There have been a few conversations around picking the best player of this period as the fans stay separated. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are potentially the main 2 on the rundown right now. Both seriously affect the national side.

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In the meantime, Sanjana Ganesan, The spouse of Jasprit Bumrah and a popular cricket anchor was at the center of attention for enjoying a disputable correlation Instagram post that had ‘Virat Kohli is superior to Rohit Sharma’ written in it.

“If there’s one thing that recent tragedies have taught us, it is that life is too fragile to be wasted over trivial fights. Everyone is destined to go & nobody knows when. Celebrate the little joys of life & make peace with the fact that Virat Kohli is better than Rohit Sharma.”mentioned quote.

The netizens suspect that Sanjana could have enjoyed the post without pursuing it totally as the post had a few positive things written in the main section, while others push the Virat-Rohit questionable conversation along.

Controversial Statement liked by Sanjana Ganesan



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