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Cricket is not a priority and If Pakistan needs money, it should stop the activities at the border: Kapil Dev


India-Pakistan match is one of the much anticipated rivalries in the sports world. Every time these two teams meet, it increases the heartbeat of almost 2 billion people across the border. However, due to the increased political tension between the two nations, we don’t often see any bilateral series being played between them. India and Pakistan haven’t played a full-series since 2007. These teams either meet at World Cups or at multi-nation tournaments.

At a time, when the world is going through its worst ever phase in last 7 decades, everyone is waiting for one or two moments of joy that can bring smiles on their glum faces. Recemtly, Pakistan Bowler Shoaib Akhtar proposed to organise a mini ODI series between arch-rivals, to jointly raise funds, at a neutral venue such as Dubai.

But as the things stand between the two countries, former Indian Captain and World Cup hero, Kapil Dev is in strong disagreement to the idea of organising a bilateral ODI series between Indian and Pakistan.

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According to Kapil Dev, first the neighbouring nation has to stop all the anti-national activities against India if it wishes to have any bilateral ties with India. “You could be emotional and say that yes, India and Pakistan should play matches. Playing matches is not a priority at the moment. If you need the money, then you should stop the activities at the border,” he said.

Along with that he also advised Pakistan to seek peace and prosperity in the time of crisis. “The money which will be spent can be used to build hospitals and schools. If we really need money than we have so many religious organizations, they should come forward. It is their responsibility. We offer so much many when we visit the religious shrines, so they should help the government,” Kapil Dev added.

Recently, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly had clarified that there will be no cricket in near future as the humanity first need to overcome the deadly virus and everything else can wait till then. Kapil Dev also echoed Ganguly statement as he said, “I am looking at the larger picture. Do you think cricket is the only issue we can talk about? I am rather worried about the children who are not being able to go to schools and colleges because that is our young generation. So, I want schools to reopen first. Cricket, football will happen eventually,” Kapil said.



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