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Danielle Wyatt hails Rohit Sharma after his performance against South Africa


Rohit Sharma got a chance to open the inning in the test for the first time. He grabbed it like a boss and scored two centuries in two innings of a Test against South Africa. He awarded with the player of the match award. After this, everyone praises Rohit Sharma’s performance. England women cricketer Danielle Wyatt also hails Rohit Sharma’s performance.

Danielle Wyatt posted a picture of Rohit Sharma with the caption, “what a player.”

“I have protected myself with a shield around me for a long time now, and all those things that happen outside does not come inside that shield,” said Rohit after the game. “So what people talk and what people think of me it doesn’t really bother me, because eventually I have to play my game and I have to enjoy my game because it was my dream to play cricket. And I am living that dream.

“What happens outside…I never thought, when I was young, what people will talk, whether people will talk about me…Now that people are talking about me, I have protected myself with a shield around me, and that shield is pretty strong. Nothing comes inside that,” he said.

“That communication between [the team] management and myself happened [a] long time ago that I might have to do that at some stage. So for the past two or three years, I was prepared for it mentally. Whenever I was not playing a Test match, in the nets I was batting with the new ball trying to be ready if the opportunity comes. It’s a great start, and I have a long way to go. It’s not the end; it’s the start. Good things are about to follow,” he said.

Danielle Wyatt Rohit

“We have grown up in these conditions, but It is not easy for the keeper in these conditions because the oddball turns and stays low… I don’t know that much technically, but as a ‘keeper, you have to stay very still, and I thought he did a great job. Even today balls which did not carry, [he] his put his body behind to make sure runs are not offered easily. He is helpful in DRS. He is a big part in our line up, and that is why he is back in the squad,” was Rohit’s assessment of Saha.



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