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Gautam Gambhir and Aakash Chopra indulged in a comment war over the debate on Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma


As it is very much known of the fact that Aakash Chopra and Gautam Gambhir are not at that case of best friends and always indulged in getting in a cold war. This often happens between both from a long time. The evidence of this much clear with the recent one happened during a conversation was seen on Star Sports.

Gautam Gambhir is a person who usually outspoke things harsh rather than creating a good comments and many evidence are also kept alive for his nature. In September during the IPL2020 he criticised Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni for demoting himself at 7th slot while team was chasing a huge total of 217 against Rajasthan Royals. On this statement Aakash Chopra took a dig over Gambhir by replying “one who isn’t known to mince words on all matters Dhoni’.

A recent statement also arose where Gambhir reckoned that Rohit should take over the captaincy of the national team in the T20Is format. In replying to this statement, Chopra confronted that can Rohit lead Royal Challengers Bangalore for the maiden title while talking about Kohli’s failure for teams success.

Gautam Gambhir and Aakash Chopra cold war-

In a recent interview with Star Sports that took place on Monday easily demonstrates that Aakash Chopra and Gautam Gambhir don’t much share good bond with each other. The discussion was on the captaincy of the national side. To whom the captaincy should be given.

“We are not saying Virat Kohli is a bad captain but Rohit Sharma is a better captain. In fact not better but there is a huge difference between their captaincies.” Quoted by Gautam Gambhir.

In reply to the above given statement, Chopra didn’t agreed and reckoned with strong statement by saying there is not enough time to build a competent team under a new captain when the T20 World Cup is just nearby. On his comment given by Chopra, Gambhir was not happy and hit back by saying that if the players can be selected according to the performance carried out in the Indian Premier League stage then why a captain can’t be selected like other players?

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Chopra again stated that performance for India should be given more priority than the performance of IPL. He also said that Kohli has better records for Indian team in the T20Is format.

Gambhir was unhappy with the comments given by Aakash Chopra and overtook the statement by saying the likes of Washington Sundar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav and T Natarajan was chose over their immense performance carried throughout in IPL. While the presence of mind Rohit had shown throughout the IPL is far better than Virat Kohli and it is much clear that Rohit is good captain

Aakash Chopra tried to interfere over this topic but in last both went for a cold war and finished at a point of little camaraderie between both of them.

As this point of thought over Indian captaincy arose day by day so it is clearly justified that this debate is not going to stop very soon and will create huge impact over controversies in the coming days.



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