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Glenn McGrath picks two best bowlers and batsmen of current era


Legendary Australian pace Super-head Glenn McGrath marked his gracious presence in a private session hosted by HCL Technology during the World Economic Forum [WEF] where he opened up on a plethora of things. Glenn McGrath, the three-time world champion, talked about his cricketing career highlights in the session. McGrath was mostly questioned about his duels with another legend of his generation Sachin Tendulkar.

Remembering his playing days, McGrath talked about the controversial LBW of Sachin that Umpire Daryl Harper gave in the favour of the bowler during the Adelaide test in 1999.

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McGrath was also questioned to name top-two leading fast bowlers and batsmen in the world currently. McGrath was quick to pick South Africa’s Kagiso Rabada and India’s Jasprit Bumrah as the best bowlers in the world currently.

Bumrah is quite a unique bowler. He doesn’t have a long run-up like a lot of fast bowlers have. But he has got good pace, incredible control, and the right attitude,” McGrath quoted at the session. McGrath also accepted that he himself is big fan of Rabada, the champion fast bowler. McGrath said, “this South African bowler Rabada is an amazing bowler, I’m a big fan of his”.

Surprisingly, McGrath did not pick any Australian bowler and later, when asked why he didn’t pick any Australian bowler, McGrath played down the question with a witty reply. “I’m leaving Australian bowlers out of this list as I feel they all are great,” he said in his defence.

McGrath, unsurprisingly, picked Steve Smith and Virat Kohli as the top two batsmen. McGrath, putting his views on Steven Smith, said: “Smith is a little bit unique, he is a little strange, he is not normal, but has got a great hand and eye coordination. Technically, he is not a textbook batsman, but the way he bats is amazing.”

“On the other hand, there is Kohli. He is a class player and is very technically correct. He is a little bit unusual and very aggressive on the filed especially as Indian captain, but he is a class player,” McGrath also had some fine words for Indian Captain also.

There is no doubt, Smith and Kohli are the best of this generation and recently, former Australian captain Ricky Ponting also accepted the fact that it is incredibly difficult to differentiate between Kohli and Smith.



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