Monday, December 5, 2022

Go ask them on camera: Chris Gayle


Universe boss Chris Gayle will play his last world cup. After that may, he will announce his retirement from international cricket. So Chris Gayle can try to make this world cup memorable.

In a recent Interview, Chris Gayle told

“Youngsters are coming at my head – it’s not as easy as it was like one time before. I was quicker than. But they’ll be wary. They know what the Universe Boss is capable of. I’m sure they will have it in the back of their mind, ‘Hey, this is the most dangerous batsman they’ve ever seen in cricket.’  “

Asked if oppositions are still scared of him, Gayle said: “Can’t you tell? You go ask them. Go ask them on camera. They’re going to say, no, they’re not scared. But you ask them off the camera, they going to say, ‘Yeah, he’s the man. He’s the man.’ They’re going to say, ‘he’s the man. But they won’t say it (on camera), they won’t be frank and upfront and say, ‘Listen to me straight up, Chris Gayle is the man.’

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“But I’m enjoying it. I’m always enjoying the battle against fast bowlers, it’s good. Sometimes those things actually give you extra drive as a batter. When you have a battle, I like those challenges. To be honest with you, it’s the fans; it’s the love of the game. Sometimes as sportsmen, they don’t know when to walk away. Because sometimes you might feel at your peak, but eventually you have to leave the game at some point in time,” Chris Gayle said.

“If you’re enjoying it, it’s always easy (to keep playing) and I’m enjoying it. I’ve been having a lot of fun on the field, and it’s a great bunch of guys as well – that’s important. There’s nothing to go out there and prove, the only thing that would be nice is to win the World Cup,” he added.

“I am still in good nick. I had a not-so-bad IPL, coming after the home series against England. The good thing about it is I’ve been playing cricket. It’s important for me to keep playing and get some games under my belt and come here to the UK and start with a few warm-up games as well to see where you’re at. It’s a long tournament. For me personally I just have to monitor it as much as possible and just get the mindset right,” he signed off.



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