Harbhajan Singh’s tweet on Pandemic fuels the debate over COVID-19 outbreak

Harbhajan Singh’s tweet on Pandemic fuels the debate over COVID-19 outbreak

Harbhajan Singh (Pic Source: Twitter)

COVID-19 has shown that if a pandemic hit, human beings have no place for hiding even in the technically advance world. The Virus originated form a lab in Wuhan city of China has contaminated over 198 countries across the world.  The Virus has infected over 6,00,000 people world-wide with death toll crossing 28000 in past few weeks. Almost whole of the world has been locked down and people have confined themselves in their houses.

With the situation getting worse with each day, a Korean Web Series named ‘My Secret Terrius’ is also getting famous in the world. The series, that was released back in 2018, is said to be based on some same kind of pandemic which attacks your lungs. Moreover, the Pandemic is also named Corona Virus in the movie.

The web series has left everyone wondering- if all this a pre-planned attack over the World. A couple of days ago, Star Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh stirred the world by tweeting- “This is crazy . If you are home , go on Netflix now ……. Type “My Secret Terrius” and go to season -1 and episode 10 and move straight to 53 minutes point ! (P.S. this season was made in 2018 and we are in 2020) . This is shocking was it a plan ??”

In the tweet, Harbhajan Singh has put serious but probably right question marks over the intentions behind this COVID-19 outbreak. Harbhajan Singh also provided the minute details of the pandemic in the Web series.


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Harbhajan pointed- the Korean series, available on Netflix, has mentioned same kind of Virus in its 10th episode of the season 1 of the series. In the episode, a doctor could be seen telling a patient about the contamination from Coronavirus. The doctor also clarified the functioning of Virus as She says that the virus first attacks the lungs directly in a short period of five minutes after exposure to the virus.

Moreover, the doctor also refuses to treat the patient as there is no cure or vaccine available for the virus at the moment. Clearly, with all these similarities, anyone would believe that the pandemic is something that have been planned and released to bring the world on knees.

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