Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hardik Pandya makes fun on Sarfraz Ahmed


Hardik Pandya is doing well for India with both bat and bowl. He took two wickets and played a cameo. He continues his Indian premier league 2019 form into World cup 2019. India will play their next game of world cup 2019 against Afghanistan on June 22.

During the bowling, Hardik Pandya bowled a bouncer to Sarfraz Ahmed and then Pandya makes fun of him and Virat Kohli joins.

Here the video

After winning the match against Pakistan, Virat Kohli said,

“Kuldeep was brilliant. Those guys were only trying to play him out. A longer spell helped in that situation and he was getting into the rhythm. They were thinking that he would go out of the attack sooner rather than later. That ball to dismiss Babar was just outstanding with the drift, the turn and just beating the batsman batting so well. This is the best he has been bowling since coming to England and him confident with Chahal is going to be an important factor for us in the tournament.”

Can Adam Zampa use sandpaper during the India versus Australia match?

“I think they outplayed us in the Champions Trophy final, but apart from that, we have played good cricket against them. If you focus on this game with too much emotion, things can go haywire. We never approach these games from the fans’ atmosphere, but as cricketers, we need to be professional and understand what needs to be done on the field. Bhuvi’s case looks like a niggle, a case of slipping on the footmarks. It doesn’t look too serious at the moment and looks like he could recover in a couple of games from now, a maximum of three games. He is going to be an important factor for us, so hopefully, he can recover in time. But we have Shami with us and it shouldn’t be much of a worry for us. Even Bhuvi doesn’t think his niggle is too bad and that time would heal it.”



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