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Harsha Bhogle’s bold statement over comment by Waqar Younis


The recent game of Arch rivals India and Pakistan has brought a ton of hopelessness across the line. Both the groups contended energetically yet just one group that was better dominated the match.

Pakistan cricket crew gladly dominated the game and proceeded to make history. This was their first triumph against India in the t20 World Cup.

In addition, this triumph was their first time against India throughout the entire existence of the World Cup. Such strange cricket that Pakistan has played previously.

Nonetheless, the entire group and the nation is behaving like they won the t20 World Cup 2021. There is no polished methodology at all in the Pakistan cricket crew or even its country. Be that as it may, they will be hoping to make early advances in this match.

Pakistan is presently taking on New Zealand in the World Cup game. Additionally, the match is occurring at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the UAE.

The triumph against India appears to have advanced beyond the group and the nation too. In addition, the entire nation has been reciting incorrectly things about India after the success.

Cricket analyst and expert Harsha Bhogle as of late put his contemplations via online media after specific flippant remarks. Besides, former Pakistan cricketer Waqar Younis had offered those remarks.

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“For a person of Waqar Younis’ stature to say that watching Rizwan offering namaz in front of Hindus was very special to him, is one of the most disappointing things I have heard. A lot of us try hard to play such things down and talk up sport and to hear this is terrible.” Said by Harsha Bhogle.

The entire contention irrupted because of the flippant remarks made by Waqar Younis. Also, the previous player carried religion into the entire conversation which made a great deal of contentions.

“Rizwan offered Namaz during the match in the middle of Hindus was very special for me.” Quoted by Waqar

Also, every single cricket fan should call out the flippant Waqar Younis and he ought to be addressed for the remarks he made against a specific religion.

Harsha Bhogle’s bold statement over comment by Waqar Younis

Many such voices like Harsha Bhogle should speak more loudly against the poisonous conduct of such individuals’. It is of most extreme significance for the unification of each local area and society.



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