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Here is the reason why BCCI hasn’t announced the IPL 2020 schedule so far


The IPL T20 Carnival 2020 is less than 25 days away now. The players, franchises, IPL GC and BCCI has already chalked out all the plans. The posters are out, the social media is on high and the twitter is again chirping with the extravaganza fever. This time, the mega tournament will take place in the UAE in the wake of corona virus and the franchises have already reached in UAE to acclimatize their players.

But BCCI hasn’t announced the full schedule of IPL 2020 so far because of that England and Australia players will join their respective IPL teams after 16th September. Because both of team will be playing a bilateral series. So BCCI is thinking that they will announce the IPL 2020 schedule according to players availability.

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“So there is a possibility that matches in the first three or four days can be allotted to teams not majorly dependent on players flying over from the UK,” sources told the news outlet.

“If that happens, can that team play on those six days? Possibly not. But the tournament will go on, so it’s necessary to work on the possibility of keeping a schedule flexible enough where matches can be brought forward and delayed, as and when necessary,” added the sources.

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IPL governing council chairman Brijesh Patel said that the team in The UAE to announce the Schedule of IPL 2020 in the upcoming few days.

“We know it is getting delayed but teams are taking stock of everything including recee of the venues. Stay assured schedules will be released before the end of this week”, declared Brijesh Patel, IPL Governing Council Chairman.

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