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Hike in Covid scenario leading consequences for Indian Premier League 2021


The Covid-19 alarm for Indian Premier League 2021 and the BCCI is getting greater constantly. After Nitish Rana (KKR) and Axar Patel (DC) on Saturday, presently Devdutt Padikkal of Royal Challengers Bangalore has confirmed positive. 

Padikkal is going through isolation in the wake of testing positive. RCB are booked to play this current release’s debut game against reigning champs Mumbai Indians on April 9. As indicated by the sources in RCB, Padikkal is probably not going to be accessible for the initial 2 rounds of RCB. 

On Saturday, InsideSport had detailed that Delhi Capitals left-arm spinner Axar Patel, 8-10 individuals starting from the earliest stage at the Wankhede Stadium, an establishment leader, 8 individuals from an occasion the executives organisation drew in by the BCCI and others Tested positive. 

InsideSport has dependably gained from its sources both in BCCI and Star Sports, that the telecaster is additionally incredibly worried about the decaying Covid-19 circumstance in Mumbai. The source additionally disclosed to InsideSport that the high-ups of the authority telecaster contacted the BCCI on Saturday morning and clarified their interests.

“Star is concerned about their broadcast-crew. If the ground-staff and event management team is getting Covid-19 infected – the same can happen to Star’s crew. They have to closely mingle around with both ground-staff as well as event team. That is the reason Star is very concerned about the situation”, stated by BCCI source to InsideSport.

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“Look, even if there is a lockdown, the teams are in bio-bubble and also it’s a closed-door event. So we are still confident that IPL games in Mumbai will be held as per schedule with Delhi Capitals playing Chennai Super Kings on April 10 on the second day of the tournament.

“But Hyderabad and Indore are there on stand-by in case the situation goes out of hand,” said by Source when asked about the current situation.

Indore and Hyderabad have been kept as reserve settings for the Indian Premier League 2021, in the event that the COVID circumstance is twisting crazy. Mumbai is planned to have 10 rounds of the money rich class. 



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