Monday, December 5, 2022

I don’t just walk out for my Team. I walk out for my country: Rohit Sharma


After the world cup 2019 semi-final loss, the rumours are going that a rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. But attending a pre-departure press conference before the West Indies tour, Virat Kohli rubbished the rift reports by calling all such news as ‘ridiculous’ and disrespectful’.

Virat Kohli said, “In my opinion, it’s baffling, to be honest. It’s absolutely ridiculous to read such stuff that comes out. I have been to a few public events, and the sentiment is “aap log kya khele (you guys played so well).

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“We are feeding off lies. We are overlooking facts. We are turning a blind eye to all the good things that has happened. We are creating fantasies and scenarios in our head and want to accept that this is the truth,” Virat added.

But now Rohit Sharma twitted after reaching the USA for the series. “I don’t just walk out for my Team. I walk out for my country,” Rohit Sharma on Twitter.

Here the tweet of Rohit Sharma

Talking to Filmfare, Anushka Sharma about Virat Kohli

 “He’s one of the calmest persons I’ve met. Off the field, he’s so relaxed. You can ask my friends, my team. He’s like that on-field only because he’s so passionate. He’s not aggressive in real life. That’s only his demeanour on the field. He’s the most shaant person I know. I look at him, and I’m like, ‘Wow! You’re so chill,’” Anushka said.

” Those are the moments you steal when you lead lives that are so demanding. For that, your priorities have to be set. I’m never going to be like, ‘Oh, please spend more time with me at the cost of your work’. No, please do your work. He’s the same with me. When you respect each other’s work and your own, there’s respect in the marriage,” she added.



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