Monday, December 5, 2022

I was disappointed with Andre Russell: Gautam Gambhir


KKR started the IPL 2019 in a winning note but after they have lost six back to back matches . in all the matches Andre Russell is continuously performing well. So he was disappointed with the lost and also disappointed with the decision-making system of KKR. He said

“It’s (atmosphere) not healthy, to be honest. I’m feeling down at the moment. As cricketers, we have to have the passion inside, and not just to show it on TV. I find myself just been in my room for the last couple of days, losing games after games. I’m not the type of guy to do the walking around. It’s hard to do the walk around losing six games in a row.”

After this Interview, Gautam Gambhir gets angry and when he talked to times of India

Gautam Gambhir said

“I was disappointed with Andre Russell’s comments where he termed the KKR team atmosphere as “unhealthy”. In one of the recent interviews, I did express my regret. But looks like, I jumped the gun. One of my journalist friends sent me a link to his press conference with a message that I had misinterpreted Russell’s comments. He was right. Russell was only mentioning about disappointing team atmosphere after a string of losses. Maybe his choice of words was wrong which led me to think that there were cracks in the KKR ranks. In my humble opinion, this was uncalled for. I can understand his emotions for KKR, but I’d be disappointed if I was Dinesh Karthik.”

“ No one wants to lose. No one wants to take poor decisions and KKR did take some ordinary calls this year. That doesn’t mean that these things should be discussed in a press conference. In crunch situations like these where one loss could be the end of KKR’s season, senior guys need to close ranks even more. I have had plenty of disagreements with my teammates. On more than one occasion I didn’t agree with captain MS Dhoni, but these things remained within the team. I think someone from the coaching staff or KKR management should sit down with Russell and explain to him the relevance of a cohesive dressing room,”



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