Monday, September 26, 2022

I’ll come back if MS Dhoni is still around: AB De Villiers


AB De Villiers announced his retirement from International cricket after IPL 2018. Now he is playing in various t20 leagues. Recently he featured in Indian Premier League 2019.

In a show (Breakfast with Champions), when Gourav Kapoor asked him to come back and play the world cup.

AD de Villiers said

“How old will I be (in 2023)? 39! I’ll come back if MS Dhoni is still around. If I’m still good enough, who knows, eh? I was keen to play the World Cup (2019) but I retired, so it was a very sensitive situation. For the last three years of my career, I was labeled as a guy who was picking and choosing when I was playing and when not.

“I’ve always been about the team. It’s never been about myself. But I found myself in a position where I had to make a decision where it’s going to look like I’m thinking about just myself. There’s a lot of reasons I had to move on. There’s a lot of things that played a role. Family is definitely a big part of it.”

“The longevity of, like, I mean I’ve played for 15 years. I was just tired of the whole international scene. It’s quite busy, very stressful. The mental games, the doubts you have as a person, as a player all the time, it wears you down. And being captain of the Proteas for a long time also took its toll, you know.” Ab De Villiers added.

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“And then there are a few deeper issues that might have to be discussed when I’m 50 one day (laughs). There’s a part of me that’ll always miss it. I mean, I had so much fun. It’s everything that goes with it. I wish I could push on longer, but as I said at the start I had a great run and more dreams came true than I could ever imagine. And there were lots of heartbreaks as well along the way. And that’s the great ride that we all go through,” AB de Villiers told Kapur.



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