Friday, December 2, 2022

Indian Player quits from Mumbai Cricket and will join USA


It appears that India’s homegrown cricketers are moving to play cricket in the United States of America (USA) because of the absence of chances in their country. 

The furthest down the line cricketer to take this action is left-arm spinner, Harmeet Singh. He has signed a three-year contract with the Major Cricket League (MCL) and will play for Seattle Thunderbolt. 

Harmeet Harmeet Singh was essential for the World Cup-winning Under-19 group of 2012 under the authority of Unmukt Chand. His then captain had as of late quit his fantasy about addressing India and is in the USA playing MCL. 

Talking about Harmeet, he had addressed his state group Mumbai in 31 top notch games where he has picked 87 wickets to go with 733 runs.

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“I retired (in July) because I wasn’t getting to play for Mumbai, which is my home team. I’m getting good money to play cricket here, which gives me a sense of security. The level of cricket is good too,” said by Harmeet to Times of India.

“If you stay in the US for 30 consecutive months, you qualify to play for the US national cricket team. I’ve completed 12 months, so 18 are left. By the beginning of 2023, I should be eligible to play international cricket for the US. By then, I would be 30. For a spinner, that’s prime-age,” further said by him.

“I made my debut for Mumbai back in 2009 but never got one full season to prove myself. Still, till 2017, I kept pursuing my dream to play for Mumbai. Basically, in almost a decade, I got to play just nine games for Mumbai. I didn’t even get an opportunity to fail! I was never given a chance to prove myself,” concluded by him.



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