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Introduction of X-factor, Bash Boost and Power Surge in the upcoming season of BBL


Trent Woodhill is one of those people who had given immense and prominent changes in the league. The upcoming edition of the BBL tournament of 2020-2021 which is exactly starting from Thursday onwards i.e. December 10 which is going to witness some innovative fluctuations in the coming season. This edition is packed with sort of uniqueness in its role of implementation as it is going to deal with some changes in the format like adding some action to the middle.

The league is going to have Bash Boost, Power Surge and X factor. Power Surge hereby, stands for the power play change criteria rule. In this the six over mandatory power play won’t be there which is usually seen in the T20 format whereas it will going to have power play consisting of 4 overs in the initiation of the inning while the other remaining two overs  is prominently given to the batting side from the start of second half i.e. from the 11th over.

The second one is the X factor which means making a change of one player after the 10th over, whom can be officially replaced by the 12th and the 13th man of the Camp. Hence the player which is going to be replaced can’t bat or bowl more than an over in the respected inning. Important point us that the replacement can be done only after the conclusion of the 10th over and is applicable to the both side. Last but not the least is the Bah Boost rule which means having allotment of the points i.e. if the team wins then it will be allotted with 4 points to their campaign whereas three points will be given when the win is taken out from the outright condition.

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The given extra point is assured to the team who is in majority position like in run chase after the 10th of over which means the team who is ahead of run chase compared to the other team in margin to the 10th over would be considered as one extra point and if both the team shares with equal proportion then 0.5 points will be granted.

Comments given by Woodhill over the fluctuations created in the rules of BBL.

What it will do is force coaches to start looking at what they are going to do, I reckon that’s powerful. That’s what’s great about AFL, NRL, Basketball, the NFL, baseball. I can’t wait for the day where a coach subs a player after one over- players and coaches will hate it at times, but now there’s no hiding place,” Woodhill statement to the ESPN cricinfo.

I want to be able to talk to you about the game itself, rather than what happened beforehand and then what you are going to do next game. This will now show up coaches and captains and that’s what you want to do.

I love strategy, competitiveness, the contest between bat and ball. I hate lulls in game; I tend to get bored really easily if there’s lull. You realize you can make adjustments to riles which make fans less aware of outcome, make players and coaches unsure of a result,” he stated

The league will start with the opening match between the defending champions Sydney Sixers and Hobart Hurricanes.



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