IPL 2020 status quo remains same as 10 days before: Ganguly

IPL 2020 status quo remains same as 10 daysbefore: Ganguly

IPL 2020 status quo remains same as 10 daysbefore: Ganguly(Pic Source: Twitter)

At a time when whole of the World has come to lockdown condition due to COVID-19, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has come forward to help Indian Government in controlling the Corona outbreak. Former India captain has agreed to lend the sports facility at the Eden Gardens to the government for creating a temporary medical facility to treat the victims of novel COVID-19 virus.

In an exclusive interaction with PTI, the BCCI president said, “If government asks us, we will certainly hand over the [indoor] facility [and the players dormitory at the Eden Gardens]. Anything that is need of the hour, we will do it.There is absolutely no problem.

Earlier, the Puducherry Cricket Association has also offered its indoor facility to the government. Ganguly also supported the Modi government’s decision of complete lockdown to avoid and eliminate social contact.

“I think this [lockdown] is the best option at the current moment. Certain things are beyond anybody’s control. Whatever directives that the government and ministry of health gives us, we have to follow. That’s the case all over the world,” Ganguly said.

When asked about the future of IPL 2020, Ganguly looked quite uncertain about the future of the league. Ganguly said that the status quo of the league remains same as 10 days before.

“I can’t say anything at the moment. We are at the same place where we were on the day we postponed. Nothing has changed in the last 10 days. So, I don’t have an answer to it. Status quo remains,” Ganguly added.

Ganguly also cancelled the rumours of change in FTP’s for scheduling IPL 2020 to later dates. Ganguly emphasised that FTP’s are not subjected to any change and in case of a delayed start of the IPL, many overseas cricketers won’t be a part of the cash-rich league.

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“You can’t plan anything. The FTP is scheduled. It’s there and you can’t change the FTP. All around the world, cricket and more so sports have stopped,” Ganguly said.

As with each passing day the chances of IPL 2020 going down, the BCCI is bound to incur huge monetary losses for all its stakeholders. Though, BCCI certainly have insurance for the mega tournament. Yet Ganguly spoke against giving any “concrete answer”– whether Government imposed lockdown in covered in insurance terms of not.

“I am not sure whether you can get insurance money. Because this is a government lockdown. I am not sure whether a government lockdown is covered by insurance or not.

“We will have to see. We have not assessed all these things. At this point of time, it is very difficult for me to give any concrete answer,” Ganguly concluded.

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