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The Remainder of IPL 2021 won’t take place in India as said by Sourav Ganguly


BCCI President Sourav Ganguly on Sunday at last broke on where the excess Indian Premier League will be held. He said that it won’t be feasible to have Phase 2 of IPL 2021 in the nation because of the normal third rush of Covid-19.

“India is supposed to go to Sri Lanka for three ODIs and five T20Is. There are lots of organisational hazards like 14-day quarantine. It (IPL 2021) can’t happen in India. This quarantine is tough to handle. Too early to say how we can find a slot to complete the IPL,”  stated by Sourav Ganguly to SportStar.

Notwithstanding, he didn’t affirm when the leftover matches are probably going to be organised.

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Four nations have offered BCCI to have the leftover 31 matches of the Indian Premier League. Britain, UAE, Sri Lanka and Australia are generally quick to have the worthwhile T20 group.

The IPL overseeing board and BCCI are making child strides and are thinking about every one of the conceivable outcomes prior to accepting the last call. A choice viewing the equivalent could come as ahead of schedule as mid-June.

“There has got to be a lot of shuffling. We have to speak to other boards and see if a window can be made available before the T20 World Cup,”  said by Ganguly to The Telegraph.

“Lot of things are involved and we will slowly start working on them. If we fail to complete the IPL, the loss will be close to INR 2500 crore (USD 340 million approx). That is going by early estimates,” 

Options for venue to conduct the remainder season of IPL 2021

1] U.A.E

The first and probably alternative is to take the alliance to UAE. BCCI had directed an effective IPL 2020 and might follow similar course for the leftover games. Moreover, given the current circumstance, UAE can likewise be the setting for the forthcoming T20 World Cup.

The Indian players will complete their England visit on September 14, after which they can travel to UAE and serve the week’s isolate and finish the matches.


Moving to the United Kingdom is another choice that is on the table. The BCCI can utilise the finish of English summer to close the class. The Indian group will venture out to England by end of May for the World Test Championship in June against New Zealand. They will be positioned there until the culmination of the five-Test arrangement against England.

Different English Counties in and around London have altogether offered to have IPL – It can be protected alternative yet additionally to hold any matches in United Kingdom is a much exorbitant undertaking than holding the competition in UAE. Along these lines, far-fetched BCCI would take those additional expenses.


Sri Lanka is wanting to have the Lanka Premier League (LPL) from July to August. On that premise they have asserted they will be prepared to have IPL 2021 Phase 2 on similar grounds and offices. Yet, it is impossible that BCCI will pay regard a lot to their offer.

Reason, neither groups – nor players will be slanted to head out to Sri Lanka just before the World Cup in UAE.


The third choice recommended to the BCCI. On the off chance that BCCI chooses, and the Australian government facilitates its approaches in the following four months, Australia likewise is in fight to have the Indian Premier League.

Again it is only an alternative which BCCI isn’t probably going to investigate. From England the whole IPL Zing-Bang travels to Australia and afterward flies back to UAE or India for the T20 World Cup is an excessive amount to request. So the choice as indicated by InsideSport is probably going to be precluded.



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