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IPL and World T20 2020 both possible if CA and BCCI agree on swapping rights: Gavaskar


Even after a one and half month of complete hara-kiri, the World is still under the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. The Virus originated form Wuhan city of China has contaminated over 2.5 million people world-wide with death toll nearing 0.18 million till now.

The COVID-19 situation has put the world on halt for now and the chances of all future sports events looks bleak as of now. Indian Government have also extended the countrywide lockdown till 3rd May. With the lockdown all the international activities, flights and sports have also been cancelled indefinitely and the IPL 2020 which was all set to get rolling from 29th March has been postponed for indefinite time now.

As whole of the world eagerly wait for the action to resume, former Indian stalwart Sunil Gavaskar has opined that if India manages to curve the virus threat, ICC must swap the hosting rights of the upcoming two World T20’s in 2020 and 2021.

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According to current FTP, Australia will host this year’s World T20 in October-November, but amid COVID-19 outbreak, the Australian govt. has barred all the international travel till 30th September. On the other hand, the World T20 2021 will be hosted by India.

“At the moment, as we all know, Australia has barred foreigners from entering the country till the 30th of September. The tournament is starting from mid-October or the 3rd week of October, so it’s looking a bit difficult at the moment. If it can be done… next year’s T20 World Cup is in India.

“If it can be done… where India and Australia come to an agreement… In case the curve in India flattens out and India and Australia swap… so the T20 World Cup is in India in October-November this year and Australia in October-November next year, then it can happen.”

The little master also advised to host IPL in the month of September as it will also be fitting warmup tournament for the players participating in World T20.

“If it is going to happen that way, then maybe what can happen is the IPL can be held just prior to the T20 World Cup so that it’s enough practice for the players to have T20 World Cup,” Sunil Gavaskar said.

Sunil Gavaskar also solved the problem of Asia Cup 2020 that is scheduled in September this year, as he advised it to shift in the month of December. “Then the Asia Cup can be held in December in the UAE. That’s a much better time to have the tournament than in September when it can be extremely hot,” he further added.



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