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IPL in line to replace upcoming World T20; If it gets cancelled


Amid all the chaos created, in a last month and so by the COVID-19 virus, there is a one good news for all the cricket lovers across the globe. If the latest reports from the close quarters of BCCI are to be believed, the BCCI has been working on the plan to organise the IPL in the month of October-November.

In the current FTP, ICC has planned a World T20 in the month of October month this year. But, with the Governments world over have also locked down their respective borders to combat the ever worsening situation due to CORONA Virus, ICC is brooding over postponing the World T20 till 2022. If this happens, all the Cricket playing nations will have an empty window in the month of October –November and if all goes well, BCCI is planning to use the window for the showpiece event.

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According to report in TOI, a BCCI official has quoted, “At present, there is a lockdown of borders and while Australia has said it is a potential six-month lockdown, things can change with an improvement in the scenario. UK could follow the same pattern considering the spread of the pandemic.

“We are still to understand what the Indian government will decide with regards to closing the international borders. In such a scenario, the only window that looks safe is the October-November one. But again, that collides with the T20 World Cup,” he added.

However, the whole scenario is not that easy to go by, as not only India but also all other Cricket Playing Countries must permit foreign Visas in the aforementioned period, especially Australia and UK. Apart from that. ICC’s decision about World T20 will also have a major role to play.

“Again, it would be the last step for the ICC to push the T20 World Cup from 2020 to 2022 because there is no window in 2021. So, at the moment, it is all a bit too far-fetched to be honest. But yes, the October-November window has been spoken about for the IPL, but a lot of external factors need to fall into place for that to become a reality,” the official concluded.



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