Sunday, December 4, 2022

It’s like having 20 brothers around at all times: RCB’s massage therapist Navnita Gautam


Recently, RCB has appointed Navnita Gautam as their massage therapist and becomes the first team who has appointed a woman in their support staff. Before this Navinta Gautam worked with Toronto nationals in the Global T20 Canada League.

“The experience with Toronto Nationals in the Global T20 league was above and beyond amazing. Thus, the transition to IPL should be a fun one. One of the challenges would be to understand every athlete’s body type/muscle quality and their likes and dislikes towards what type of treatment benefits them the most. Once I understand that, I think it’ll be pretty smooth sailing from then onwards,” said Navnita Gautam.

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She is the first and only women in the IPL who is the part of support staff.  While speaking to ESPNCricinfo, when Navnita Gautam was asked if she had any apprehensions about the same, she said, “Absolutely not. It’s like having 20 brothers around at all times.”

“Cricket is a high-intensity speed endurance sport whereby a bowler needs to bowl frequently with a 30-45 seconds break in between every delivery multiple times. There is also a chance that the bowler needs to make a quick sprint right after his delivery. Also, this is the same for a fielder who needs to react and sprint quickly to grab the ball and for a batsman who needs to run fast again and again,” She further added.

“Cricket and other field sports are very much the same when it comes to the intermittent nature. But cricket is played for longer hours. Thus, the volume of work is much higher, and the player needs to recover faster to repeat the effort effectively in the next session or the following day.”

“I’m a huge fan of soft-tissue release and manipulations, which is a type of treatment technique pre- and post-game,” she said. “Whether you’re a batsman or a bowler, I look into which muscles are overactive and which muscles are underactive and treat accordingly with one of the techniques.”



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