Wednesday, August 10, 2022

James Anderson infuriated at Jasprit Bumrah for lethal bouncers in the Lord’s Test


The second  test match among England and India is being played at the notable Lord’s ground. The Lord’s ground is otherwise called the Rome of cricket for its incredible height in the game. In any case, there were a lot of takeaways from the third day of the subsequent test match. 

India made a fantastic total of 364 runs which England splendidly traveled past India and took 27 runs in their first innings. The hosts made a total of 391 on the command of Joe Root’s stunning thump of 180 runs. The England skipper Root played perfectly and went not out.

Presently the test match is remaining at an even position and any group that plays better from here on will dominate the game. The Indian batting setup will be taking a gander at setting up a major all out for the English batsmen to pursue in their subsequent innings. 

Playing in the fourth innings of the match is difficult and on the off chance that the guests set up even an aggregate of 300+, they will be way ahead in the match. 

The argument after Joe Root’s astounding batting was the fight between the two notable bowlers. At the point when James Anderson came to bat, the England group was at that point in a superior position. 

This carried disappointment to the Indian bowlers who were genuinely ineffective on the third day. The drained Jasprit Bumrah was at that point having a baffling day as he was unable to try and pick a wicket. 

At the point when Jasprit Bumrah came to bowl at the very fag day’s end, on the strike was James Anderson. The principal ball hit him on his cap after which the unbelievable bowler had an obligatory blackout test. 

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Even in get-togethers, Bumrah was continually bowling bouncers at him. What’s more, amusingly the over was a ten-ball over since Bumrah additionally bowled four no balls. 

Disappointment had leaked through James Anderson who needed to get off strike seriously. While on the absolute last bowl of the day, Mohammed Shami took the last wicket bowling out the very James Anderson who played 16 balls yet scored no runs. 

After getting back to the burrow, James Anderson angrily said something to Jasprit Bumrah in regards to his bouncers on him. He looked truly despondent which can be found in the video however by the by, Jasprit Bumrah just went grinning past him as nothing had occurred.



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