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Khaya Zondo uncovers how he lost regard for his Captain and Childhood legend, Ab de Villiers


Khaya Zondo, who was a member of the South African side which visited India in 2015, reveals that his choice was obstructed by the Proteas Captain, Ab de Villiers. Zondo said that he was the following Batsman in line who should have gotten in the Playing XI, however he wasn’t thought of. 

The 2015 ODI series among India and South Africa was at level. The last match of the series was at Mumbai and JP Duminy had got injured before the fifth ODI. 

It was plainly Zondo’s chance to play in the group after JP Duminy’s inaccessibility yet that didn’t occur. Senior member Elgar, who had quite recently shown up in India for the test series was brought into the group in the spot of JP Duminy. David Miller, who was not performing at that specific time, played in all the matches of the series. 

Miller was even allowed an opportunity to open the batting when he was not performing however there were no chances given to Khaya Zondo. 

Khaya Zondo communicated his matter  to the Former South African Captain, Ab de Villiers. He said that it was unbelievable why a skipper would assume liability for not choosing a player when it’s the work of the selectors.

“The captain (de Villiers) called me over to the side, away from the rest of the team. He then mentioned to me he was the one who felt I should not play. He was trying to explain himself and he was taking full responsibility for the decision,” statement quoted by Zondo.

“I remember in the moment of him explaining himself to me, losing all respect for him as a captain. And as someone, I looked up to as a cricketing hero of mine because I could not believe he was trying to justify himself to me. And it came across as if I should accept this decision because the decision came from him.” Further added by him.

“It felt like i was not wanted” said by Zondo after claiming racism might be the reason for excluding him from the squad.

Prior, Zondo had introduced his articulation to the Office of the Transformation Ombudsman on July 22. In any case, after the previous South African selector validated the episode, the cricketer mentioned his assertion to be disclosed on Friday. This thus has led to a major contention in South African Cricket.

A gathering of Black players have written in their letters to Cricket South Africa about the worry of determination. The Cricketers have shown dismay on their choice into the Squad however not into the Playing XI. 

Previous public selector, Hussein Manack, expressing his opinion on the episode, affirmed the foul play done to Khaya Zondo on Thursday.



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