Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Lasith Malinga gives hint for his retirement


Sri Lanka has announced their squad for world cup 2019. They have announced their captain for world cup 2019 as Dimoth Karunrantne. It was a big surprise because in last few series Lasith Malinga was leading the team. Lasith Malinga is the most experienced player in squad.

Rumors of Lasith Malinga  retiring have gained after he send a message in players group in the Sinhala language which read, “api bima naevata piyava gaeniata samat ve tanapativarayet. deviyan vaanse mata pitupasin ma sahaya kala siyalu denatama asirvada,” (which translates to, “we won’t be able to meet again on the ground. God bless to everyone who was behind me and supporting me. Blessings.”)

He send this message after he had a call with the chief selector Asantha de Mel who asked him about his availability without guaranteeing his captaincy. Sri Lanka has lost 13 out of 14 matches in which Lasith Malinga has captained. It was a bold decision that Sri Lankan board has taken for sake of their country.

President of Sri Lanka Cricket Shammi Silva says that there is nothing they can do if Lasith Malinga decides to retire from Cricket. Responding to questions of journalist at press conference held to announce the Sri Lankan squad selected for Cricket World Cup 2019, Silva said “Lasith Malinga is a world-class player and one of the best bowlers we have in the Sri Lankan team. We need him. Anyone can take any decision, but we have to face the World Cup. Even if Malinga retires, we cannot withdraw from the World Cup. If I die today, somebody will come and take over. If Lasith Malinga is injured we have to replace him”.

President of Sri Lanka Cricket Shammi Silva also said

“We have selected the best 15 for the squad. We have given Lasith Malinga the best chance to show his best performances. Out of the 14 matches he has captained, we have lost 13 and one is a no-decision. We have tested him. Malinga is a world-class player. But sometimes world class players aren’t good captains just as good captains may not be world class players”, the President added.

“Sri Lanka, as a country, has to win. The Country comes first, not the names. We have come to this decision after discussing with the chairman. Lasith Malinga was Asantha de Mel’s first choice for this list and he was the first one to be added to the team. We have given him everything he asked for. I hope Lasith Malinga will consider this. If Malinga retires, we cannot do anything. We have a replacement as well. We will have to go ahead with it, we have to fight,” Silva further said.

“We request Malinga to think of the country and play. I don’t think he will retire. He is a player who plays for his country. I don’t think he will take such a harsh decision. I believe he will perform well at the World Cup at least to teach us a lesson for not making him the Captain,” he added.



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