Saturday, August 13, 2022

Lucknow Franchise’s co owner posted tweet on KL Rahul


KL Rahul’s attained a major position in the past year which has been an outright display. From becoming undesirable for India’s skipper of  test eleven to solidifying his situation as the essential opener and captaining the side in international test matches, it has been a resurgence for the ages.

Each eyeball was on Kannur Lokesh Rahul as he came out to bat on January 3. In any case, his maiden outing as international captain ended up being somewhat disappointing. It was a disappointment.

Thus, he went with his youth’s dearest companion to the wrinkle. The group likewise supported him. In any case, when Rahul took his position before the stumps, netizens saw that his bat had no sponsorship mention.

It was hundred percent plain and did not have the standard Sanspareils Greenlands sticker. Indeed, even bowlers and obscure batsmen have a support sticker on their bat-face these days. Accordingly, fans were left astounded by a main player like KL Rahul without a bat sponsorship.

One irregular twitterati called attention to this and soon, the data began contacting a major crowd. This additionally included Lucknow establishment’s co-proprietor Harsh Goenka, who shared a ludicrous and obscure answer to it.

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This is what he composed:

“Because he has a sponsor in the back of his bat.”

Presently, a relaxed investigation of the matter causes it to appear as though an example of Harsh Goenka being fun loving. Yet, it might convey more importance, feel a few fans.

Half a month prior, Harsh Goenka and Sanjiv Goenka’s impending establishment were blamed for “poaching” KL Rahul by his ex-group Punjab Kings. 

Also, a few reports had arisen that asserted that RPSG Group offered KL Rahul 20 crore for driving their side in IPL 2021.

Along these lines, a few twitter clients began to interpret Harsh’s reaction to Rahul’s theorised move to RPSG-drove Lucknow establishment that will take part in IPL 2022. One of them even extended it to RPSG intending to be KL Rahul’s next bat sponsor.



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