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Manish Pandey’s tremendous efforts sealed win over Bengal in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy


Karnataka and Bengal were confronting each other in the quarter-last match of the Syed Mushtaq Ali competition. Nonetheless, the match went through a ton of exciting bends in the road.

Karnataka group was coming into this cricket installation after a splendid presentation in the entire competition. Also, the Karnataka group was completely prevailing all through the competition till now. The Karnataka group proceeded to keep up with its splendid standing.

Also, even Bengal was coming into this same playing XI after a few splendid exhibitions. They were not a normal possibility for the quarter-last tickets. In any case, Bengal put on a splendid presentation which saw them play against Karnataka.

The Bengal group proceeded to win the toss and they proceeded to bowl first. Besides, it was an ideal choice from the Bengal skipper as they lean toward pursuing in the take out games. They have an awesome record while pursuing. Furthermore, Bengal was expecting a comparable outcome.

Nonetheless, Karnataka didn’t bat well in their innings. Also, they went with run-a-ball mode which moved the force towards Bengal. Indeed, even large names like Manish Pandey couldn’t rake up speedy runs which were required.

Because of splendid bowling from the Bengal Bowlers, Karnataka was confined to just 144. Besides, they arrived at the absolute with the deficiency of just four wickets which makes it considerably more frustrating behind such a low all out in the principal innings.

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Bengal likewise had an exceptionally adjusted beginning toward the start of their innings. Be that as it may, steady tension from the Karnataka bowlers carried a change to the match. In addition, the Bengal batsman continually proceeded to lose wickets against Karnataka.

Be that as it may, the match arrived at an undeniably exhilarating crossroads when Bengal required 1 from 1 ball. Manish Pandey’s outstanding throw helped a splendid run out. What’s more, Karnataka ultimately proceeded to bargain the game in really over itself. This was an ideal counterpart for the diversion.



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