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Mark Cosgrove decides to play the head cricket


There are many ways to defend the ball or leave the ball in the cricket. Many players come to the front foot and defend the ball, and some players defend the ball from the back foot. But during the second the Ashes test, Steve Smith found a unique way to leave the ball. Leicestershire batsman Mark Cosgrove comes up with a unique way to defend the ball.

During Durham vs Leicestershire Division Two match, when the bowler bowled a bouncer then Mark Cosgrove comes on the front and then defend the ball using his head like football players d in the football

Here the Video of Mark Cosgrove

In the absence of Steve Smith, David Warner needs to take extra responsibility.

“With Steve missing this game, I think it might be the little poke and prod Davey needs. He likes that responsibility. My experience with Davey is when people doubt him, and his back is against the wall, he comes out swinging. I’m expecting the very best David Warner,” Australian captain Tim Paine.

“I’ve spoken a lot about the fact he averages close to 50 in Test cricket, and he’s done that over a long period,” Paine said Warner would likely remain in slips.

“He’s allowed to have a bad day,” the wicketkeeper said.

“Starcy has actually told me a few times that the Starcs run the North …he knows the conditions well, and he is keen. We’ll look at the pitch and make the best decision,” Paine said.

The third Ashes test Between England versus Australia will start from today. Australia are leading the five-match Ashes series by 1-0 with three-match to the left.

Today, India will start their test championship against West Indies. Sri Lanka and New Zealand will also play the second test of the series today.



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