Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mark Cosgrove’s Unbelievably Bizarre Run-Out


Mark Cosgrove continues to hog the limelight during the county championship. Again a bizarre run out to make him in the spotlight. During a county championship match between Leicestershire versus Glamorgan, a bizarre run out making the place.  For a reason only known to him, Mark Cosgrove bizarrely tried to attempt a quick single after blocking the ball to a fielder who was positioned almost under his helmet.

Mark Cosgrove decides to play the head cricket

Talking about the match, Glamorgan won the match by 291 runs. Kraigg Brathwaite scored a century for Glamorgan in the second inning.

Here the Video

“What a great day, it was fantastic as all the bowlers put their hands up and did the job, and to get a result like that is awesome. The pitch did dry out, but we had to go looking for wickets, and a lot of balls were beating the outside edge of the bat. I want to have an impact when I come on, Samit did a lot of hard work so credit to him, and it was nice to come on and get the breakthrough,” Spinner Andrew Salter told BBC Sport Wales after the match.

“We knew we were going to have to work hard, but the guys bowled really well, and the wicket took a bit of spin, bringing our spin twins into the game so I’m pretty pleased. It’s great to go up to Durham with a sniff (of promotion), so we’ll just control what we can control, get as many points as we can and see what happens in Bristol,” Captain Chris Cooke said after the match.

“We’ve got to be more consistent for longer periods, and with the number of youngsters we’ve got, they grow to be like that. We have to have patience, that’s where we are because the club has lost a lot of senior players over the last three or four years, and good senior players get snapped up by big clubs. When your cash reserves are low, you have to look after your own and give them opportunities, sometimes things take a bit longer, but these lads will be better for it in two years’ time,” Leicestershire coach Paul Nixon told BBC Radio after the match.



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