Monday, September 26, 2022

Friendly Banter between Mayanti Langer and Sanjay Manjerkar


ICC has as of late acquainted another standard with control the delayed over rate and it has been a subject of conversation in world cricket, particularly after the India-Pakistan Asia Cup 2022 game where the two sides had to have one less fielder  inside the 30-yard circle in the last phases of the epic game in Dubai. 

Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar and Former New Zealand cricketer Scott Styris were examining a match before the beginning of the Asia Cup game between Afghanistan and Bangladesh when sports analyst and presenter Mayanti Langer had an exchange with Ravindra Jadeja with Manjrekar.

“We have seen that a lot of spinners don’t like to bowl in the death, it seems. Even the great Rashid Khan isn’t a big fan of it. Now if you have one less fielder to protect you have to change your entire strategy on the lines he has to bowl in particular.”stated by Scott Styris on Star Sports.

“Teams would then have to protect one side of the boundary rather than have fielders on both sides. So those are the adjustments that have to be made and hence they have get their spinners done a little earlier now.” Further stated by him.

“One very quick suggestion and a very simple tactic. Just bowl your overs quicker.” Said by Manjrekar.

“Sanjay, not everyone is Ravindra Jadeja. I had to it. See I just got a ‘gone one’ from Sanjay.” Banter talk hit by Mayanti Langer.

The two India and Pakistan neglected to be in a situation to bowl the primary delivery  of their last over inside the specified time and subsequently were punished by getting an additional defender in the circle.

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India missed the timetable with several overs while Pakistan bowled their last three overs with field limitations

Cricket fans are very much aware of the notorious disagreement between Jadeja and Manjrekar during the 2019 World Cup when the veteran Indian player had called the all  rounder ‘bits and pieces’ cricketer. Jadeja also had answered back on Twitter and later through his  fantastic performance l in the wake of scoring a fifty in the World Cup semi-final match against New Zealand.



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