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Michael Vaughan suggests 5-week mini IPL 2020 as a precursor to World T20 in Australia


All the sports events and tournament have been put to stand still by the COVID-19. The Virus has postponed all the tournament for the time being. Olympics and Wimbledon have been postponed and cancelled respectively. Tournaments like World T20 and IPL are also looking very unlikely if the situation does not improve significantly.

Till now, ICC and BCCI have not come up with anything concrete amid all the uncertainties regarding the future of World T20 and IPL 2020. But there are reports that if ICC postpones this year’s World T20, BCCI might utilize the October-November window for organizing the IPL 2020.

However, Michael Vaughan, former England Captain, believes that ICC and BCCI should not cancel any of the tournament as both are very crucial for the game. The former England captain has advocated for a 5-week mini IPL in September 2020 that could precede the World T20 in October- November 2020. In Vaughan opinion, the mini-IPL will also be fitting warmup tournament for the players participating in World T20. Earlier, Rajasthan Royals co-owner Manoj Badale had also hinted at a “shorter” IPL 2020 as the last possible option.

“Here’s a thought .. The IPL is played for the 5 weeks leading up to the T20 World Cup in Oz .. all players use it as the great warm up for the WC .. then the WC happens .. So important for the game that the IPL takes place but also the WC,” reads a tweet form Michael Vaughan.

The Vaughan’s tweet came in the response to Australian journalist Peter Lalor’s tweet. Peter Lalor has hinted at the postponement of World T20 due the COVID-19 outbreak and suggested that BCCI might utilize the Window to organise the IPL 2020 with CA also allowing its players to take part in the tournament.

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“T20 World Cup in Oz abandoned because of obvious difficulties with players flying in. Quarantines etc. BCCI swoops and plays IPL in that Oct-Nov window. CA will let players compete knowing it needs India to tour in summer. What do you think?” tweeted Peter Lalor on April 2, 2020.



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